Jelayne Sparks

Sometimes boredom can inspire us to come up with creative ways to keep ourselves entertained.

Lava Light gallery

Most people who love, and are passionate, about what they do, give their all when they're doing any task directly related to their craft.

Sal Gal & KK

Sisters, Sally and Kelly Jackson, started a blog back in 2007, with the intent and purpose of adding "the laughter label" to all things regarding the aging process.

Young Han

Young Han is a pop artist here in Hawaii. He spent most of his childhood on the East side of Oahu in Waimanalo after moving from the mainland to Honolulu, Hawaii

Uma Jama

Uma Jama is one of the few Somali female actors in the world. She recently decided to help coordinate the screening of ?Somalia: Nation of Poets? which was being featured during Black History Month.

Thomas Allen

People around the world are constantly decorating their bodies with images that are literal depictions or artistic expressions of things, designs or people they love.

Thomas Allen

I recently had the opportunity to meet esteemed Horror, Mystery and Science Fiction author Thomas F. Allen. Thomas is married with one child whom he loves dearly. He enjoys spending time with his wife and taking care of his 9-year-old daughter while reading and writing his novel.

24 Hour Fitness

When people make the decision to begin a fitness journey, the New Year is usually the significant date that they decide to do so...

Kapono Na'ili'ili

One of Hawaii's most sought after artists, Kapono Na?ili?ili, has performed with everyone from Kumu Hula Robert Cazimero to pop band Crimson Apple.

Honua Skincare

Honua uses 100% eco-packaging and they donate a portion of their proceeds to re-forest our native Hawaiian plants.

Mysteries of Hawai'i

Halloween is coming up fast and as the yearly tradition goes, people enjoy getting scared out of their wits!

Diehwredii Karnga

You may not have heard of Earth Angel swim wear yet, but get ready because designer Diehwredii Karnga, a.k.a. "Kahnma", is creating crocheted bathing suits and bikinis that'll have you looking fabulous!

China Kelly

Many young men and women today dream of gracing the stages of some of the world's most accomplished fashion designers. They have hopes and dreams of making a name for themselves in the Fashion Industry and walking on catwalks around the globe.

Heather Victorino

Every country music lover should keep an eye out for Heather Victorino, an up-and-coming singer and songwriter deemed by her growing fan-base as "Coungtry Music's New Sweetheart".