5 Star Aloha!

There's nothing quite like going off on your own to have a random adventure, discovering something new about the place you live in!

Princess Pauahi Bishop Museum

Growing up in Hawaii, I went on several excursions to the Bishop Museum. There are a variety of tours you can go on like "The Monarchs Tour" or the "Behind The Scenes Tour." There are also Planetarium Shows and so much more to do!

The Pali Lookout

Growing up as a native Hawaiian in Hawaii, we are taught about our rich culture and history. As with many other cultures, there is a sense of pride when we learn about our ancestors before us and all that they endured to help create the world we live in.

Akaka Falls

One thing I love more than a warm day on the beach, is a cool day surrounded by the nature and beauty of my island home!

Holokai Catamaran

I?ve said it before and I?ll say it again, I love my island home. I love the steady tropical breezes that rush through my ehu (dirty blonde) hair. I love the ocean and the way the sun glistens upon it?s glassy surface and I am fascinated by the world below it...

The Volcano

Lava. One of nature's most beautiful and terrifying forces. Every year thousands of people travel to Hilo, Hawaii to see lava flowing from the volcano. eyes!

The Waikiki Aquarium

This month, I decided to go to the Waikiki Aquarium! Anyone who explores their website will see that the mission of this particular aquarium is to "inspire and promote understanding, appreciation and conservation of Pacific marine life."

Diamondhead Trail

It's the start of a new year and I am so excited! Now is the time for fresh starts and new experiences! We all have a chance to make our lives exactly what we want it to be and I'm taking full advantage...

Christmas in the Big Apple

On a beautiful Christmas morning, while many people from different places in the world spend time opening their gifts next to a fireplace and while snow blankets their front yard, Hawaii is different. This year, island girl took an adventure of a lifetime. Winter in New York City! I hopped in a plane and made my way to one of the most popular cities in the nation.


In Hawaii, thanksgiving is a time of laughter, family, and of course food. Every November, I can't wait for thanksgiving day. The smell of thanksgiving dinner coming from Grandma's kitchen on a warm winter's day is unexplainable.

Paradise Cove

Nestled in the Ko'olina area is the beautiful cove where you are treated to a luau, a night show of dancing and fun, and all kinds of different activities.

Mayjah Rayjah

The Mayjah Rayjah, is a concert that takes place over two nights. It is hosted at the Shell in Waikiki and is an outdoor style concert on a great lawn


That's what I'm told is the first thing that one smells when they get to Hawaii, salt. Makes perfect sense...I mean we're an island, surrounded by the sea.