1. Fashion | Prince Armory

Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known that "Prince Armory" is invading the hearts and minds of fantasy lovers everywhere! Central Texas native, and owner of Prince Armory, Samuel Lee, is crafting some of the most incredibly intricate and breathtaking costumes and accessories...

  1. Fashion | Simple Styles

Simple Styles for Everyone!
Step 1: Hold the pareo in both hands behind your hip.
Step 2: Bring one side around...

Iolani Sportswear

'IOLANI Sportswear is back at it again! After creating an incredible line with Hello Kitty, they created an Urban Aloha line that is young, hip and perfect for every age...

Fashion | Wehi Designs

Adorned with Love! Interview with Owner/Designer, Marcel Evans of Hilo, Hawaii. Marcel has managed to create gorgeous designs using tie dye patterns, but adding her own flare, and let us tell you...it's working girl!...

Fashion | Hanahou Fashions

Hidden in the heart of downtown Hilo, Hawaii is a quaint boutique run by Michelle Zane-Faridi, sister of the well-known Sig Zane. Her business, Hanahou, focuses on featuring handcrafted items made by master weavers and artisans from Hawaii and throughout Oceania...

Fashion | Simply Sisters

It was a life long dream for Regina to get into the fashion industry but it didn't really have an impact on her life until she moved to Hilo, Hawaii...

Fashion | 19th & Whimsy

Many people dream of becoming their own bosses, but not everyone gets to live that dream like Los Angeles native, Lauren Hayashibara...

'Iolani Sportswear

In 1953 ?IOLANI Sportswear, Ltd. began with a dream and determination by founders Keiji & Edith Kawakami. Years later, the factory relocated to its current location in Kaka?ako, and by 2010, opened its first retail store...

Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace is a National Historic Landmark in downtown Honolulu and is one of the most spectacular living restorations in all of Polynesia.

A Forever Kind of Love

Daisy Merto & Ajax Maharlika will be vowing to spend the rest of their lives together in Holy Matrimony. The wedding ceremony and reception will be taking place at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel's Ocean Lawn and Monarch Room.

Pikai Bikini's

Hawaii is a beautiful oasis centered in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The people are always quick to welcome you with what we call "Aloha", which is a word predominantly used to describe our love for one another.

Iolani Sportswear

We were able to take a look at the new line and felt thoroughly impressed with the quality, cuts and prints. Iolani has truly stepped up their game, creating a line that Sanrio and Hawaii can be proud of.

Kini Zamora

There are so many ways I can describe designer and Project Runway All-Star Kini Zamora.


Passion For Fashion!!! Alexis, also known now as Lexbreezy, credits her mother for her passion for fashion!

Top Model Hawaii

Most of us have heard the term "fierce," which is a word made popular by the former host of America's Next Top Model, the fabulous Tyra Banks. This one word encompasses everything that is T'jan Hall!

The Heart of Fashion

We've all heard of Top Model, but did you know that there is a Top Model Hawaii? Meet Keikilani Ho, Mrs. Hawaii International 2013 and the CEO of Top Model Hawaii...