Fashion - Noa Ah Nee


Noa Ah Nee is an intelligent and strikingly handsome 19 year old model. He was born in Washington State, but was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. His parents are Gordon and Jennifer Ah Nee and he has a younger sister named Rachel.

In high school Noa was very active and spent a lot of his time participating in a variety of sports.
"I wrestled, learned judo, boxed, paddled and practiced jiu jitsu."

Unfortunately, all of these activities led to a shoulder tear, which severely limited his ability to continue playing contact sports. As a result, Noa decided to try weightlifting during his recovery and he really delved into it in his senior year. He later graduated from St. Louis High School in 2015.

Noa's modeling career actually began when he was 17 years old. He was casted as a model for designer Kini Zamora's fashion show. He turned 18 the day after that show.

"Honestly, I was very lucky. I had different people giving me tips. I was taught to walk with good posture and confidence. There were also other models helping me with poses and I'm so grateful to all of them for being so willing to help me."

Noa's parents have always been extremely involved in his life.
"Both my mom and dad have played equal roles in my life, impacting the man that I am today and the man I hope to become," says Ah Nee.

I am very lucky because I have so many amazing people helping me! ~ Noa Ah Nee

Despite Noa's young age, he is gaining an impeccable reputation for being a true professional at every job he books. Prior to transferring to St. Louis, Noa had attended Punahou High School, which he claims contributed to how well he speaks and conducts himself wherever he goes.

"My father also contributed to my success by teaching me from a very young age that speaking pidgin English was not appropriate in a business setting and that whenever I spoke to someone, I should do so while looking them directly in the eye," Noa shared with F.A.M.E...

Besides keeping up with his appearance and work ethics, Noa also credits God for his growth and success.

"I love God and I believe in Him completely. I pray all the time and I always ask God to help me and to guide me, and He always does. I feel so blessed that God has looked out for me and provided for me all of my life."

Thanks to his incredible looks, personality, and business ethics, Noa has managed to dominate in the modeling industry. Two such examples of his success are his recent wins in both the Male Top Model Hawaii and the Male Top Model Worldwide Competitions.

The idea of traveling to London is what originally caught Noa's attention when he heard about Top Model Hawaii.

"During the season, I had so much support from my family, friends and peers in that competition. Because everyone kept encouraging and pushing me, halfway through the season I was no longer competing just to get a ticket to London, but because I really wanted to win it for me!" Noa competed alongside Kristie Thornburg in the London Top Model Worldwide finale in April 2016 and won first place in the competition's male division making him the first Top Model Worldwide Male Winner in history.

As a result, Noa is now more focused and driven than ever before. He has his sights set on walking the stages of every fashion week and runway show that he can book. His hopes are to become one of the Top Male Models in the world, wearing fashions of top designers like that of Luis Vuitton, Michael Kors and more.

His first step towards that dream was to sign with Bliss Models and Talent Agency when he arrived back home from London. He has been working as often as he can and is becoming increasingly well known amongst the fashion community here in Hawaii.

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