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"I am an extremely competitive person! When I do things, I see them through till the end." ~ Kristie Thornburg


23-year-old Kristie Thornburg is lighting up stages with her jawdropping looks and slender 5'11" frame. This 2011 Sacred Hearts graduate started modeling when a local photographer contacted her inquiring about how long she had been modeling.

"At the time I wasn't modeling at all," Thornburg shared, "but after connecting with him, I decided to give modeling a shot."

She set up an appointment to get head shots taken, and soon thereafter, Thornburg received an influx of requests from other local photographers to model for their photoshoots.

"The more people I networked with in the modeling industry, the more people wanted to use me for weird things." She laughed.

The 'weird things' she was referring to were creative photoshoots using unique styles of clothing and accessories. "I'm always the girl who's hair is being teased and having funky looking clothes or props thrown on me!"

Thornburg's first big break was when designer, photographer, actor and stylist from Tokyo, Japan, Caleb Shinobi, held a casting call for one of his upcoming fashion shows. She received a call back and walked in her first 'real show'!

As she continued to work and network within the fashion industry, she met many individuals who contributed to her growing success as a model. One such individual was professional makeup artist, Natily Taguding.

"Natily did my makeup for several fashion shows and she mentioned that I should have tried out for Top Model Hawaii. At the time I didn't know what Top Model Hawaii was, although I had seen photos of it posted on Instagram before." After being informed that Top Model Hawaii Season 2 was about to begin, and having done research on the company, she decided she'd go out for the casting.

The casting call was held at Hilo Hattie’s in Honolulu, Hawaii, which is where Thornburg met Keikilani Ho, CEO of Top Model Hawaii.

"I was like, 'Oh My God!' I can't even believe it!" A very enthusiastic Thornburg laughed.

She went on to share the good news with her parents who were very excited for her and this new opportunity. "There are many people who think that Top Model Hawaii is like a pageant, but it is actually quite different. What stood out the most was that unlike a pageant that usually has a much more competitive atmosphere, Top Model Hawaii was just so much fun!" She continued.

A typical week during the season was filled with exercise, dieting, and weekly meetings with the other finalists at the Executive Town Center in downtown Honolulu. Thornburg would usually pick up the other finalists and they would carpool, which she described as "adventurous fun!"

"I felt like I was gaining confidence in myself leading up to the finale and I really believed I would win! In truth, when Keiki brought out the Letterman Jackets, I jokingly said, 'Make sure it's long enough for my arms!'" She laughed.

Thornburg dominated the stage at the Top Model Hawaii Finale earning herself the spot as the 2016 Female Winner. Thanks to her win, she was given the opportunity to compete in the Top Model Worldwide Grand Finale that took place at the Hilton London Metropole Hotel on April 1st and 2nd.

She placed 1st Runner up at the Grand Finale, representing Hawaii with dignity and grace.

Competition is in Thornburg's blood as she has been entering contests for years. If you think modeling was her tournament of choice, you'd be dead wrong. She almost made the Olympics as a professional rifle shooter, which she has been licensed to do since she was in intermediate school.

In her senior year, she placed first in the state and went on to compete in Nationals that took place in Ohio.

She has always had the support of her family. She was born to Evette and Kolyn (pronounced "Colin") Thornburg. She has two siblings, older sister Kolette Waite and twin brother Davyn Thornburg. She has also had the continued support of her boyfriend of 4.5 years, Rick Bejach.

Another goal Kristie hopes to aspire to, is acting!

"My passion is definitely runway, but everything about the industry has always interested me including entertainment. I have done minor things like helping a friend with a movie. I've also done a lot of background work for Hawaii Five-0."

She is currently signed with Larson Talent, and we firmly believe that it is only a matter of time before this sharp shooter accomplishes every goal she sets her sights on.

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